Alex Seal

Model Railways

Unfortunately I spend more time designing and planning model railways then actually building them. As I often return to previous schemes I thought I'd record details more permanently on here so that they're always available for my use and anyone else that may be interested. Because of this the information may not be very presentable but I hope you find it enjoyable.

British Railways (Western Region)

British Railways Western Region - Kingswear Branch

The Branch

British Railways (Southern Region)


Rhätische Bahn

Inspirational Layouts

Builder Name Scale   Vol. No. Month Year Cloud Notes
Alan Whitehouse Mini MSW 2FS Model Railway Journal   185   2008 Yes  
2mm Magazine     April - May 2008 Yes  
Rail Express Magazine     June 2009    
    November 2009    
Railway Modeller     August 2010 Yes  
    September Wanted  
Model Rail No.171 July       2012    
British Railway Modelling     May 2013 Wanted  
June Wanted  
July Wanted  
Modern Railway Modelling?            
Barry Norman Petherick   Model Railway Journal   2        
Lydham Heath   Model Railway Journal   68        
British Railway Modelling     April 1995
    January 2007
Brian Harrap ZOB   Continental Modeller     April or May? 1995    
QUAI:87 P87 Model Railway Journal - 235        
Christopher Payne Portpyn   Railway Modeller May 1999       1999    
St Pierre et la rue Perrin                
Sutton Wharf 1:25              
Dennys Brownlee Burnham-On-Sea 2FS Railway Modeller     July 1993    
Frank Dyer Borchester Town   Model Railway Constructor     July 1959    
        April 1960    
    Model Railway Journal   27   1988    
Borchester Market   Model Railwasys     September 1980    
        September 1982    
OO Model Rail     March 2009    
Geraint Hughes Middlepeak Wharf P4?              
Gordon Gravett Ditchling Green 7mm Railway Modeller       1992    
British Railway Modelling     May 1997    
Model Railway Journal            
Gordon & Maggie Gravett Pempoul 1:50 Continental Modeller 19 9 September 1997    
23 9 September 2001    
23 12 December    
24 2 February 2002    
Model Railway Journal   185        
British Railway Modelling     Annual 2009    
      Model Rail     May 2013    
Gordon Gravett Arun Quay                
Iain Rice                  
Jerry Clifford Highbury Colliery 2FS Railway Modeller     November 2009    
British Railway Modelling     April 2013    
John H. Wright Federal Street Proto:87 Continental Modeller 24 10 October 2002 Wanted  
Model Railroader 70 5 May 2003 Wanted  
Martyn Welch Hursley   Model Railway Journal   40        
Mick Simpson Wansbeck Road 2FS British Railway Modelling     November 2006    
Stephen HarrisĀ  Ynysarwed Sidings   Rail Express Magazine     September 2008    
  Runswick Bay                
Mancesheter Model Railway Society Chee Tor   Loco Revue   579 March 1995 Yes  
Model Railway Club, The Copenhagen Fields 2FS Model Railway Journal   18        
Model Railway Journal   33        
Model Railways     April 1985    
Railway Modeller     April 1989    
British Railway Modelling 4 6 September 1996 Wanted  
British Railway Modelling 7 October Wanted  
Railway Modeller     April 2012    
North Devon Model Railway Club Port Sandford   Your Model Railway     March 1986    
Jamacia Reach   Railway Modeller     September 1995    
Cadiford Water   Railway Modeller     November 2000    
Kingdoms Crossing   Railway Modeller     December 2005    
Taunton Model Railway Group Bath Green Park OO Railway Modeller     December 2002