Alexander Seal


Midford Viaduct
© Alan Jarvis

Midford was the first station on the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway when travelling south out of Bath Green Park. It was here that the single line section from Bath Junction came to an end and double track started for the next 32 miles to Templecombe. The buildings at Midford were unlike other station on the northern section in that they were of simple wooden construction. The station was built right into the hillside and was sited at an extremely attractive location.

Thanks to childhood explorations of the disused viaduct and lines in that area, I've always had a strong love for Midford. Coupled with a growing interest in the workings of the S&D, the imminent arrival of a 2mm Finescale kit for a BR 9F and the desire to model a railway within striking scenery it seems that Midford may unlike my other model railway plans actually get constructed... we'll see!