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Royal Albert Bridge


In 2mm Finescale (2FS) the Royal Albert Bridge, including approach spans, is over 14 feet long. With an exhibition layout in mind clearly a modular approach is required to safely store and transport the bridge. The proposed solution is to seperate the structure into chunks as follows:

The Devon and Cornwall approach spans would be permanently fixed to the baseboards with the centre pier and portal slotting in to whatever form the river will take. The Devon and Cornwall spans will then slot into the centre portal and drop down on to the main land piers, hopefully with no bolting required. The joints would be where there are natural joins in the prototype structure.

This arrangement has the advantage that when the exhibition layout is not erected the main spans and centre peirs can be presented on duplicated main land piers in some kind of display case. The spans are just over 4 feet long so that's an impressive 8 feet of bridge to display on the wall!

Compent Parts