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Conway Scenic Railroad

Opening in 1974, the Conway Scenic Railroad has been a landmark in the Mount Washington Valley. Located in the town of North Conway, New Hampshire. The Conway Scenic began operations on 3rd August 1974 on a portion of ex Boston & Maine trackage from North Conway to Conway.

For years, the Conway Scenic only operated excursions on the 5½ route until the mid 1990's when the decision was made to open the long out of use ex Maine Central Mountain Division Line from Mountain Junction to Crawford Depot in Crawford Notch.

Budd RDC

Number Builder Type Build date Status CSRR CSRX Notes
7470             Canadian National
573 EMD GP7 1950 Operational     Ex-Maine Central unit acquired from Guilford Rail System. Typically referred to as "Mr. Miller's Engine", 573 was the preferred power for the Maine Central business train by the president of the Maine Central Railroad, E. Spencer Miller. When Guilford acquired the Delaware and Hudson Railway in 1984, 573 became Delaware & Hudson 573. In 1988 when Guilford sold the D&H, they kept 573 and assigned it to Springfield Terminal and renumbered it 27. 573's first season at the Conway Scenic (1996) was operated as number 27. Today 573 is the typical motive power for Valley Train excursions.
4266 EMD F7A 1949 Operational     An ex-Boston & Maine unit leased from the 470 Railroad Club of Portland, Maine. This locomotive pulled the last Ambassador train on September 3, 1966, and was also the last "F unit" to operate on the Boston & Maine Railroad, having been retired in 1976. After returning to service in the late 1980s, 4266 was used by the Conway Scenic Railroad to run the first trains to Bartlett, NH, on December 17, 1994, Crawford's Depot on September 1, 1995, and Fabyan Station in September 1996. Today the engine sees limited service, reserved for special duty only and serving when needed as backup power for the Valley and Notch trains.
23 Budd Company RDC-1 1952 Operational     AKA "Millie"; the only fully operational RDC in New Hampshire. Originally built for the New Haven Railroad. Purchased from the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway in the summer of 2008; used to provide Valley Train services during the off-peak season and private charters.
252 EMD GP38 1966 Operational     Acquired in a trade from Pan Am Railways in March 2010. An ex-Boston and Maine, ex-Maine Central unit, 252 was the leading unit that pulled the last regularly scheduled freight train through Crawford Notch on September 3, 1983. In 1984, 252 was assigned to the cleanup train for the Calais Branch which Guilford shut down, making that the last train on the Calais Branch. In the late 1980s, 252 was put into storage at Iron Horse Park in North Billerica, Massachusetts, until 1995 when it was removed due to the shop's closure. It was subsequently refurbished and put back in service, being assigned to the B&M. In December 2009, 252 was retired by Pan Am Railway. Following its trade in March 2010, the engine was delivered to the Conway Scenic at Hazens in the town of Whitefield on June 23, 2010. From there to North Conway, 252 ran under its own power. On July 13, 2010, Kurt Ward, a resident of Conway and a former Conway Scenic employee (2000), was killed in a railroad accident while working at Pan Am Railways, East Deerfield Yard, in East Deerfield, Massachusetts. Because Kurt Ward worked extensively with this engine, the Conway Scenic named 252 in his honor on July 28, 2010. "Kurt N. Ward"
216 EMD GP35 1965 Operational 215804 140097 Acquired in a trade from Pan Am Railways in March 2010. Ex-Springfield Terminal 216, Exx-Norfolk Southern 1328, Exxx-Norfolk and Western 1328. 216 has been assigned to the Notch Train along with 252 and is expected to operate on a rotating schedule with 252. The engine has dual controls in the cab and can be operated from either side. 216 was delivered on May 14, 2010, and made its inaugural run June 22, 2010. Keeping with Maine Central tradition, 216 and 252 are often referred to as the "Yellow Birds". [HIGH NOSE / HOOD]
1055 ALCO S4 Nov 1950 Downeast Scenic    125816  
1751 EMD GP9 1956   188050 This unit was acquired in a trade from the Finger Lakes Railway in November 2011. The unit was delivered along with the 1757 on September 22, 2012.
2820 GE U23B          
6505 GMD FP9 1954       A pair of ex-Canadian National units, nicknamed "the Sisters". These locomotives were acquired from Via Rail and were delivered to the Conway Scenic on August 14, 1995. The locomotives were the primary motive power for Notch Train excursions starting on September 16, 1995, with 6516 entering into service working the notch as a powerless unit (became powered in 1998) with ex-B&M 4266. 6505 entered full operational service on September 23, 1996, and would remain like that until August 2006 when service was taken over by 2820. The Sisters worked the last few weeks of the 2006 Notch Train season but would not turn a wheel again till September 2007 when the 2820 suffered a broken crankshaft. From that point on the Sisters remained the primary power through the 2009 season. In March 2010, the locomotives were traded to Pan Am Railways for 252 and 216 to become the motive power for Pan Am's business train. 6505, which last operated on October 18, 2009, was shipped out on May 14, 2010, and had its inaugural run with Pan Am Railways on July 1, 2010, under its new number "PAR 1". 6516, which last operated on May 31, 2010, was shipped out on July 7, 2010, running the engine under its own power for the final time through Crawford Notch. 6516 rejoined "PAR 1" and became "PAR 2", having its inaugural run with Pan Am Railways on August 1, 2010. The sisters were seen together for the ceremonial kick-off for the Downeaster track work extension in Brunswick, Maine, on August 2, 2010.
6516 GMD FP9 1957

Number Name Type Previously Built RRPictureArchives Notes
- Gertrude Emma Parlour Observation Car   1898 550028  
- Mount Surprise          
492 Hattie Evans Dining Car Norfolk & Western No.492   566982 Car equipped for food or beverage service.
1058 Whitehorse Ledge   ex-PV, nee-CNJ HW coach   486349  
1109 Mount Cranmore Passenger Car ex-Whippany Toonerville, nee-CNJ) HW coach CRNJ 1923 172061  
1133 Mount Washington Passenger Car (ex-NH&I, nee-CNJ) HW coach.   321929  
1140 Presidential Range Passenger Car ex-Whippany Toonerville, nee-CNJ) HW coach.      
1308 Silver Cascade Passenger Car ex CNJ HW open-air car rblt. from coach.     Open windows
1329 Dorthea Mae Budd Dome Car Ex-GN Budd ex-AMTK 9469, nee-GN 1329   545316  
1557 Black Mountain Passenger Car ex-MEC 965, exx-B&M 557, nee-1557   172062  
2570 Chocorua Dining Car HW dining car rblt. from commuter coach. 1929s 425774  
3202 Hurricane Mountain Passenger Car ex-EL, exx-DL&W 2202, nee-302) HW m.u. trailer.   425800  
3234 Carroll P. Reed Passenger Car (ex-VIA, exx-CN, nee-5465) CC&F LW snack bar - coach rblt. from coach.    566983  
4735 Rhonda Lee   Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #4735 Burlington Silver Splendor 1956    
6739 Mount Bemis Passenger Car (ex-CN) CC&F LW m.u. coach.   655583  
6743 Mount Willey Passenger Car (ex-CN) CC&F LW m.u. coach.   425856  
6745 Mount Willard Passenger Car (ex-CN) CC&F LW m.u. coach.   655584  
6749 Mount Webster Passenger Car (ex-CN) CC&F LW m.u. coach.   878319  


      Livery     RRPictureArchives  
BAR 2573 Boxcar State Of Maine     345383  
CSRX 75955 Caboose       2176480  
CSRX 3810 Ballast Hopper Ballast Hopper     1021640  
BAR 7574         127611  
BAR 7765 Refrigerator Mustard?     127675  
BM 76480            
GTAX 86254         425901  
BO 829839 Balitmore & Ohio Open Hopper Two Bay Black     425700