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Maine Central EMD F3

Maine Centrak ordered "two 3000 HP Diesel Freight Locomotives" on 20th November 1947, with a sticker price of $645,300. The following month, untils 671A&B and 672A&B arrived; they were early Phase III "chicken wire" F3 units, a style that the B&M did not purchase. Equiped with low roof fans, dynamic brakes and steam generators in all four units, they were used on the overnight Portland-Worcester run of the State of Maine and Portland-Bangor symbol freights, at that time numbering four in each direction.

In 1947 and 1948, Maine Central purchased eight EMD F3As and two F3Bs as their first diesel freight locomotives. Class DF-3 were built with "chicken wire" grills and steam generators for possible use on passenger trains; but all Maine Central F3s spent most of their lives pulling freight trains on the main line and Mountain Subdivision. Class DF-4 had the EMD F7-style grills and were sometimes called F5s. The F3s were traded in for EMD GP38s in 1966.

Number Class Type Built Works number Retired Liveries Disposal
671A DF-3 F3A Dec 1947 4494 12/66 Red until at least 1952, Green by at least 026/08/63 Traded for GP38s
671B F3B 4496 11/66   Traded for GP38s
672A F3A 4495 12/66 Green by at least 12/08/1961 Traded for GP38s
672B F3B 4497 11/66   Traded for GP38s
681 DF-4 F3A Nov 1948 5695 12/66 Green by at least 17/04/66 Traded for GP38s
682 F3A 5696 12/66 Red until at least 30/04/66 Traded for GP38s
683 F3A 5697 11/66 Red until at least 08/50, Green by at least 31/08/61 Traded for GP38s
684 F3A 5698 12/66   Traded for GP38s
685 F3A 5699 07/66 Green by at least 07/62 Traded for GP38s
686 F3A 5700 11/65 Green by at least 30/09/1964 Wrecked and scrapped 1965

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