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N Scale Railroading

  Month Year Pages Title Author or Owner Subject Comments
Yes Sep/Oct 2000 14-15 Naction: Railfanning DL&W"s GO Tower Okrasinski, Greg NAction Railfanning on an NTrak module
16-25 MKT's St. Louis Subdivision Overholster, Overholster Layout We like layouts and Bret started NSR off right.
26-28 REA Steel Reefer Denton, Bill Kitbash Rolling stock MT now makes this car.
29 Powering LL E7B Reddie, Kirk How to (Simple) Locomotives
30-33 Great Shots d    
34-41 Big Power Beats The Blues Schaber, Keith Fleet Locomotives
42-43 The 5 Minute SD40-2 Morgan, Brian Detailing Locomotives
44-45 Pacific Electric Cars Kamikubo, Dan Fleet Traction
46-47 Slacker's Guile to Adequate Photography Reddie, Kirk How to Photography
48-50 Modeling with Resin Kits Billings, Dick How to Freight
51-53 NH's American Flyer Passenger Train Wright, Norm Fleet Norm Scratchbuilds a Classic
51-53 N Scale: The Railfan's Choice Edgar, Bill Commentary  
YesYes Nov/Dec 2000 14-15 Mike Danneman's Rio Grande Danneman, Mike NAction Railfanning the Rio Grande
16-21 Montana Memories Lynch, Ed Layout  
22-25 Modeling Variations of C&O GP7s Kempinski, Bernard How-To Locomotives
26-29 Build an Intermountain Boxcar Notes, Clifford S. How-To Freight
30-31 Great Shots      
32-43 Northgate Engine Facilities Morgan, Brian How-To Based on BN's Interbay Facility in Seattle
44-51 BCR Freight Cars in N Scale Horton, Timothy & Mohr, Mike Fleet Freight
52-53 Body Mount MT 1015 couplers Notes, Clifford S. How-To  
54-57 KCS' Southern Belle Wegner, John Fleet Passenger
62 N Scale: The Modeler's Choice Fisher, Richard Commentary  
Yes Jan/Feb 2001 14-15 Naction: Day at Paxton Siding Smith, Lowell Naction On the SP&S' Oregon Trunk
16-23 Duluth, North Pass, & Pacific Suter, Gene Layout Great room size layout
24-25 Freelancing Fahie, Art Commentary  
26-27 Prototype Modeling Pearce, Bill Commentary  
28-29 Santa Fe Diesel Power Cox, Joe Fleet Locomotives
30-33 Great Shots      
34-42 C&O New River Subdivision Kempinski, Bernard Layout, Modules Prototype and Models
43 Build an MP Caboose Newton, Steve How-To Non Revenue
44-49 Kitbash DPM's Hilltown Hotel Fahie, Art How-To Structures
50-57 Modeling The North Coast Limited Jirosek, Mark How-To Passenger
62 N Scale: The Runner's Choice Wolfe, Ken Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2001 16-17 Visit to Barrow, BC Watson, Russ Naction  
18-25 Scratchbuild a Railroad Reddie, Kirk Basics  
26-29 GE U33C/U36C Bearden, Ron How-To Locomotives
30-31 Detailing Your Roundhouse Morgan, Brian How-To Structures
32-33 Great Shots Straw, Russell   Sam Houston Zephyr
34-41 Action on the Arlee Valley Pniak, Bill Layout  
42-43 Intermountain Boxcar Variations Notes, Clifford S. How-To Freight
44-45 Customized Trucks Tyhurst, Dallas How-To Highway Vehicles
46-49 Making the Scene Fahie, Art How-To  
50-54 Intermodal, Fifties Style Short, Chuck Fleet Freight
55- Add Dazzle to Your Dash-9s Edgar, Bill How-To BNSF Dash 9s
56-57 UP: Road of the Streamliners Wright, Norm Fleet Norm's City of San Francisco
62 Nn3: The Narrow Gauge Choice Brandon, Ted Commentary  
Yes May/Jun 2001 16-17 A Morning in Maple Valley Reddie, Kirk Naction Freight
18-21 Making the Scene Fahie, Art How-To Bridges
22-23 Santa Fe PS-1 Boxcars Hollwedel, George How-To Freight
24-27 A Project Railroad Reddie, Kirk How-To module, sculptamold
28-29 Great Shots      
30-39 Rio Grande's Moffat Road Danneman, Mike Design from Prototype Prototype & Models
40-48 UP's Wyoming Division Whey, Miles A. Layout A big layout in a small room.
48-51 Port Sara: An NTrak Module Horan, Noll NTrak  
52-57 Santa Fe's Fast Mail Express Scherer, Bradley J. Fleet Passenger
62 Accumulating a History Irwin, George Commentary  
Yes Jul/Aug 2001 14-17 NAction: Southern Alberta Rail Eastman, Grant Railfan  
18-23 N Scale Narrow Gauge Primer Brandon, Ted Commentary  
24-27 Chessie ACF 2 Bay Hoppers Kempinski, Bernard How-To Freight
28-30 Shelby's Landing Parkinson, John Layout  
31 A Boring Article Knapp, Tom HowTo Wiring foam subroadbed
32-33 Great Shots Russell, Bob   Orange Belt Lines
34-43 Sogn Valle Railroad Moorman, Michael Layout All Steam
44-45 Structural Frosting Ney, FM "Zaphod" How-To Structures
46-49 Making the Scene: RTV Fahie, Art How-To  
50-53 UP Rolling Stock: 1953-1955 Dickerhoof, Dean Fleet Freight
54-57 Chicago's Grand Central Station Leo, Burkhart Gee Whiz! Great Modeling
62 Motivation Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Sep/Oct 2001 16-17 NAction: Doug Gary's Yester land! Gary, Doug Trek module aqua "Dougsneyland"
18-19 Modeling BN's Hustle Muscle Bearden, Ron How-To Locomotives
20-22 Kim Saign's Freight car Fleet Saign, Kim Fleet Freight
23 Texaco Tank Truck Charles, Bill How-To Vehicles
24-25 AAR 1923 Standard Boxcars Kohlmann, Keith M. How-To Freight
26-27 Casting Turnout Bases Bridgwater, Mark How-To Track
28-29 Nn3 Commercial Turnouts Knapp, Tom How-To Track
30-31 Great Shots      
32-41 The B&O Railroad: Nostalgia Revisited Kraus, Stephen F. Layout  
42-43 Maxey's Farm Kempinski, Bernard Module: oNeTrak  
44-47 Making the Scene: Commercial Kits Fahie, Art How-To Buildings
48-55 Southern Pacific PA2s Morgan, Brian How-To Locomotives
56-57 SP's Shasta Daylight Morgan, Brian How-To Passenger
62 Romans are to Roads and N Scalers are to Modules Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Yes Nov/Dec 2001 16-19 Naction: New England & Southern Railway Rothlisberger, Cory Layout  
20-23 Freight Car Fleets: Kent Charles Charles, Kent Fleet Freight
24-29 Feather River Canyon's North Fork Bridge Montgomery, Dave How-To Concrete Viaduct
30-41 Modern Feather River Route Bridgwater, Mark Layout Prototype and Model
42-43 Lowering the Foreground Reddie, Kirk How-To Modules
44-47 Small Tools for Small Models Knapp, Tom How-To  
48-49 Oklahoma City Train Show Alcock, Bruce    
50-51 Drawbars for the LifeLike FA-1s Fisher, Richard How-To Locomotives
52-55 Making the Scene: Valence and Lighting   How-To  
56-57 Ttrak: A new Idea for Modules FitzGerald, Lee & Jim Modules  
62 Modeling Passenger Equipment Jirousek, Mark Commentary Passenger
Yes Jan/Feb 2002 14-17 Jackson Street: Japanese TTrak modules Uetake, Yasuyuki & Morohoshi, Akira Modules  
18-21 Airbrush Weather Your Rolling Stock Chinn, Harlan How-To Freight
22-23 Kato SD90s: Teardown and Reassembly Kim, Peter How-To Locomotives
24-31 Brunswick Valley Railroad Machiaverna, Paul Layout  
32-34 Great Shots Banks, Jimi   Pennsylvania Railroad
34-45 Benchwork Danneman, Mike How-To Rio Grande
46-48 White Tower Restaurant Banks, Jimi How-To Structures
49-51 Upgrading Autoracks Golden, Sam How-To Freight
52-57 Bryan Bussey's Freight Car Fleet Bussey, Bryan Fleet Freight
62 Contributing to NSR Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2002 16-25 Rio Verde & Western Brandon, Ted Layout  
26-27 After Market Lighting Chin, Harlan How-To Locomotives
28-31 Great Shots Johns, Ron Layout  
32-43 Southern Alberta Rail Eastman, Grant Layout  
44-46 Computer Generated Windows Banks, Jimi How-To Structures
47 More SP Boxcars Notes, Clifford A. How-To Freight
49-51 Great Northern Sand Cars Morgan, Brian How-To Non Revenue
52-55 Build a Pedestrian Overpass Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Structures
56-57 Kansas City-Florida Special Wegner, John Fleet Passenger
62 Protolancing Kim, Peter Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2002 14-15 Naction: Tennessee Pass Tabor, Thad Fleet  
16-23 New York, Susquehanna, & Allegheny Railroad Treaster, Todd Layout  
24-29 Building a Logging Mallet Spano, Rick How-To Locomotives
30-31 Great Shots      
32-41 Rio Grande F Units Danneman, Mike How-To Locomotives
42-49 Milwaukee Road in Southern Minnesota Nelson, Jim Layout  
50-53 Detailing a Walthers Mi-Jack Crane Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Intermodal
54-57 Tuning U ConCor Budd cars Hinds, Jim How-To Passenger
62 Cruel goddess of Photography Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Jul/Aug 2002 16-17 NAction: 1965 Yampa Valley Mail Cox, Marlin Fleet Passenger
18-23 North Jersey Trunk Lines Kaminski, Edward Layout  
24-27 Storage Rack for Container Chassis Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Intermodal
28-41 UP through Blue Mountains In Oregon Schaber, Keith Layout Prototype and Layout
42-45 Superdetail a Kato F7 ABA Set Chin, Harlan How To Locomotives
46-51 Module and Portable Layout Lighting Knapp, Tom How-To  
51-57 Large Radius Railroading Reddie, Kirk How-To Modules
62 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love N Scale Socha-Leialoha, John Commentary  
YesYes Sep/Oct 2002 16-23 Dakota Northern Railroad Melhouse, Olaf Layout  
24-27 West Switch at Cedar Falls Reddie, Kirk How-To Track and Ballasting
28-29 Great Shots      
30-37 Railfanning Big Ten Danneman, Mike Layout Rio Grande
38-43 Freight Car Fleet Kempinski, Bernard Fleet Freight
44-47 Great Northern 19,000 Gallon Fuel Service Tank Cars Morgan, Brian How-To Non Revenue
48-49 Oil Transloading Platform Morgan, Brian How-To Structures
50-51 COFC Chassis Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Vehicles
52-57 Visit to Micro-Trains Line Campoy, Terry & Miller, Steve    
62 The Digital Revolution Thompson, Keith   Photography
Wanted Nov/Dec 2002 22 Poet's Corner: Gilbert & Sullivan Modern N Scaler Fischer, Mike    
Nov/Dec 2002 23 Sharing the World's Greatest Hobby Irwin, George    
Nov/Dec 2002 24-29 Improving LL's FM Erie-Built Diesels Niner, Verne How-To Locomotives
Nov/Dec 2002 30-35 Furlow Canyon Chibaro, Mat NTrak Module  
Nov/Dec 2002 36-49 Midwest Pioneer Layout Freeman, Ron Layout  
Nov/Dec 2002 50-55 Tree Like Thingees Reddie, Kirk How-To Scenery
Nov/Dec 2002 56-57 Peek-AT Track Pagano, Michael How-To Track
Nov/Dec 2002 58-59 36' Meat Reefer Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Nov/Dec 2002 60-61 Operating Switchman's Lantern Knapp, Tom How-To Structure
Nov/Dec 2002 62-65 IRT 28th Street Station Lewis, Dan Layout Mini-scene station
Nov/Dec 2002 78 Incidental Railroading Danneman, Mike Commentary  
Wanted Jan/Feb 2003 18-20 River and Shrubbery Johns, Ron How-To Scenery
Jan/Feb 2003 21 Superdetail a Rock Island GS Gondola Underframe Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Jan/Feb 2003 22-26 Kitbashing Concrete Warehouse structure Bridgwater, Mark How-To Structure
Jan/Feb 2003 27-29 Capacity Yard Tractors Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Intermodal
Jan/Feb 2003 30-41 CN's Sassamatt Subdivision Walter, John Layout  
Jan/Feb 2003 42-49 Logging Train Elevator Jones, Don N. How-To  
Jan/Feb 2003 50-57 A Fleet From The East Schall, Jim Fleet Freight
Jan/Feb 2003 62 Getting Started: Track Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2003 18-23 NAction: A Day On The Arizona Divide Niner, Verne Layout  
Mar/Apr 2003 24-27 CP Fleet Dow. Doug Fleet Freight
Mar/Apr 2003 28-29 Great Shots      
Mar/Apr 2003 30-37 Urban Model RR: Milwaukee Road's Kingsbury Branch Denton, Bill Layout Milwaukee Road
Mar/Apr 2003 38-41 Micron Art Interlocking Tower Saign, Kim How-To Structures
Mar/Apr 2003 42-44 Upgrading Two-Bay Covered Hoppers Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Mar/Apr 2003 45-47 CNW Ballast Car Conversion Kohlmann, Keith How-To Non Revenue
Mar/Apr 2003 48-49 Pelican Creek Parkinson, John Layout  
Mar/Apr 2003 50-55 Downe & Owlte Division Pearlman, Ben Layout  
Mar/Apr 2003 56-57 Santa Fe 191/200 "Chico" Cox, Marlin Fleet Passenger
Mar/Apr 2003 62 Protolancing: A reasonable Alternative Niner, Verne Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2003 18-23 Naction: Tulsa Interlocking September 1957 Fisher, Richard Module  
May/Jun 2003 24-27 Build a Grade Crossing Lewis, Dan How-To Scenery
May/Jun 2003 28-29 Great Shots      
May/Jun 2003 30-39 The Surreal World of the Columbia River Valley Edgar, Bill Prototype  
May/Jun 2003 40-45 Sugarland, TX Straw, Russell Modules  
May/Jun 2003 46-47 The Micro-Ace Porter 2-6-0 Knapp, Tom How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2003 48-49 Chassis for a kitbashed Vanderbilt Tender Johns, Ron How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2003 50-53 Freight Car Loads Devine, Charles J. Fleet Freight
May/Jun 2003 54-57 Helix Helper Pagano, Mike How-To Roadbed
May/Jun 2003 62 Even Layouts Need Goal Oriented Management Bridgwater, Mark Commentary  
Wanted Jul/Aug 2003 18-19 The Other Royal Blue Line Pitanza, Marc Modules  
Jul/Aug 2003 20-27 Planning the Columbia & Great Northern Edgar, Bill Layout  
Jul/Aug 2003 28-29 Great Shots: Tehachapi Combs, Les Layout  
Jul/Aug 2003 30-43 A Day on the BN Selkirk Division Morgan, Brian Layout Operation #1
Jul/Aug 2003 44-49 Atlas C55 plus Warner Linkage Bridgwater, Mark How-To Right of way
Jul/Aug 2003 50-56 The Rest are Details Lewis, Dan How-To Structures
Jul/Aug 2003 62 Capturing Operating Sessions with Digital Photos Morgan, Brian Commentary Photography
Wanted Sep/Oct 2003 18-25 NAction: Visit to the Belmont Shore Open House Blackman, Flash Layout  
Sep/Oct 2003 26-31 High Ridge Central Chibbaro, Matt Layout Scenery How-To
Sep/Oct 2003 32-37 Great Shots: Jeff Ashby's C&O Lewis, Dan Layout  
Sep/Oct 2003 38-45 Laying Track on the Moffat Road Danneman, Mike How-To Right of Way
Sep/Oct 2003 46-47 Low Side Gondolas: SAL, Southern, N&W Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2003 48-49 Small Buildings in Small Towns Reddie, Kirk Prototype Structures
Sep/Oct 2003 50-51 Houston 2003 Contest Winners Giesckes, Dr. Marty Contest  
Sep/Oct 2003 52-53 48' Refrigerated Containers Cox, Joe How-To Intermodal
Sep/Oct 2003 54-55 Illinois Central's City of Miami Thomason, Richard Fleet Passenger
Sep/Oct 2003 62 Update on Contributing to NSR Reddie, Kirk Commentary Photography
Yes Nov/Dec 2003 18-23 The Lynchburg Western Bowers, Bill Layout  
24-27 The Big Lift Newton, Steve How-To Module
28-29 Great Shots      
30-38 Rio Grande Krauss-Maffeis Danneman, Mike How-To Locomotives
39-40 Rio Grande Dynamometer Car 10 Danneman, Mike How-To Locomotives
41 Tortoise Soup Thompson, Keith How-To Right of way
42-44 Custom Models For Everyday Modelers Machiaverna, Paul How-To Painting and Decaling
45-47 Eclectic Track System Pagano, Mike How-To Peco Code 60
48-50 Obnoxious Building Facades Reddie, Kirk Fleet Prototype
51 CNW 40' Steel Gondola Conversion Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
52-55 Simple Upgrade for Bowser's PRR Cabin Cars Nelson, Doug How-To Freight
62 N Scale Track Pagano, Mike Commentary  
Yes Jan/Feb 2004 18-19 St. Paul, Buffalo, & Thunder Bay Whitlock, John & Gulden, Ray & Ede, Larry Layout Modules
20-22 PVC Backdrops Gilberts, Wayne How-To Construction
23-25 Easy Flatcar Loads Brauch, Gil How-To Freight
26-27 Buildings with Turrets Reddie, Kirk Prototype Structures
28-29 Great Shots Ross, Dudley    
30-35 Upgrading Southern E8s Brauch, Gil How-To Locomotives
36-43 Ultra-light Modules Knapp, Tom How-To Modules
44-47 IPPX 4 Bay Hopper Cars Kempinski, Bernard How-To Freight
48-52 A Visit To The Freight Yard Uhlenkott, RD Fleet Freight
53 CNW Airslide Covered Hopper Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
54-55 The Colorado Eagle Cox, Marlin Fleet Passenger
62 Thank You Russ Edgar, Bill Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2004 18-19 TTrak Monaco-FitzGerald, Lee Layout Modules
Mar/Apr 2004 20-27 Flash Blackman's Freight Car Fleet Blackman, Flash Fleet Freight
Mar/Apr 2004 28-29 Kato Bridge Upgrades Lyons, Keith How-To Bridges
Mar/Apr 2004 30-31 Theaters Reddie, Kirk Prototype Structures
Mar/Apr 2004 32-33 Great Shots      
Mar/Apr 2004 34-41 Resolute North Burlington Division Holmes, Kirk Layout  
Mar/Apr 2004 42-44 Renumbering Freight Cars Hollwedel, George How-To Freight
Mar/Apr 2004 45-47 Creating Realistic Roads Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Vehicle
Mar/Apr 2004 48-50 Don't Hesitate, Superelevate Greenfield, Paul How-To Right of Way
Mar/Apr 2004 51-53 Inexpensive Depot Seats Reddie, Kirk How-To Structures
Mar/Apr 2004 54-57 NP's Budd Slumbercoaches from Kato Skibbe, Mike How-To Passenger
Mar/Apr 2004 62 Keeping It Fresh Danneman, Mike Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2004 18-21 Upgrading an MT Caboose Saign, Kim How-To Freight
May/Jun 2004 22-24 Eclectic Benchwork Gilberts, Wayne How-To Right of Way
May/Jun 2004 25 Buildings with Bay Windows Reddie, Kirk Prototype Structures
May/Jun 2004 26-27 Great Shots      
May/Jun 2004 28-31 Sloppy Cement Hoppers Edgar, Bill How-To Freight
May/Jun 2004 32-45 Timetable and Train Order Operations Lewis, Dan Layout Operation #2
May/Jun 2004 46-49 Panel Side Twin Hoppers Runyan, Mark How-To Freight
May/Jun 2004 50-53 Detailing a Walthers Cornerstone Water Tank Brooks, Phil How-To Structures
May/Jun 2004 54-57 Pennsylvania Passenger Fleet Nelson, Doug Fleet Passenger
May/Jun 2004 62 Chris' Crystal Ball Lane, Chris Commentary  
YesM Jul/Aug 2004 18-19 Joe Warner's Freight Car Fleet Warner, Joe Fleet Freight
20-30 Quinnimont: C&O NTrak Modules Kempinski, Bernard Layout Modules
31-33 Great Shots Knapp, Bruns, Mindheim    
34-39 From Armchair to Action Edgar, Bill How-to Benchwork
40-43 The Art of Weathering Yourstone, Rich How-to Freight
44-47 Erie & Lackawampum VanderJagt, Len & Carol Layout Modules
48-50 Hand-Laid Turnouts Lyons, Keith How-to Right of Way
51 Happy Days for Caboose Modelers Hollwedel, George How-to Freight
52-57 UP Domeliner City of Los Angeles Skibbe, Mike How-to Passenger
62 Are We in the Golden Age of Model Railroading? Vlk, Charlie Commentary  
Wanted Sep/Oct 2004 16-19 Easy Prairie Grass Pagano, Mike How-To Scenery
Sep/Oct 2004 20-21 Wiring Track Neatly Lyons, Keith How-To Track
Sep/Oct 2004 22-29 Detailing Santa Fe's FT Locomotives Niner, Verne How-To Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2004 30,35 Great Shots Kaspar, Joe    
Sep/Oct 2004 36-41 Potomac & Brown Haven Mallerich, Dallas III Layout  
Sep/Oct 2004 42-45 Ballast Pearce, Bill How-To Right of Way
Sep/Oct 2004 46-48 The Sawmill Blackman, Flash   Structure
Sep/Oct 2004 49 Modernized Brick Buildings Reddie, Kirk Prototype Structure
Sep/Oct 2004 50-51 Atlas 50' Intermodal Edgar, James How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2004 52-55 Heavyweight Pullman Sleeping Cars Nelson, Doug How-To Passenger
Sep/Oct 2004 62 The Art of Enjoyment Niner, Verne Commentary  
Yes Nov/Dec 2004 16-25 Fast Effective Scenery Bridgwater, Mark How-To Scenery
26-29 Add Signals to Your Layout Williams, Kent How-To Right of Way
30-31 Flexible Edging and Lighting Lyons, Keith How-To  
32-33 Great Shots Holmes, Roger    
34-39 DCC and New Paint for the LifeLike Mallet Brooks, Phil How-To Locomotives
40-44 NYC and New Haven Depressed Center Flatcars Bussey, Bryan How-To Freight
45-47 Build a Linkage for Easier Switch Machine Linkage Frager, Bob How-To Right of Way
48-51 "Operating" Switch Stands Knapp, Tom How-To Right of Way
52-53 New Caboose Ends Blackman, Flash How-To Freight
54-55 Chantilly Convention Contest Winners Hyde, Clint    
62 The Synthesis of the Event Riley, George Commentary  
Wanted Jan/Feb 2005 18-27 Mud Bay & Southern Part 1 Younkins, Jim Layout  
Jan/Feb 2005 28-31 Tunnel Liners and Banana Bread Eastman, Grant How-To Right of Way
Jan/Feb 2005 32-33 Great Shots Pearce, Bill    
Jan/Feb 2005 34-37 Operations with Waybills Machiaverna, Paul How-To Operation #3
Jan/Feb 2005 38-40 Simple Vehicle Upgrades Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Vehicles
Jan/Feb 2005 41-43 Detailing the Fox Valley Loading Dock Denton, Bill How-To Right of Way
Jan/Feb 2005 44-47 Is it N or is it Z? Knapp, Tom How-To Locomotives
Jan/Feb 2005 48-49 Replace OEM Wheels with NWSL Wheels Lyons, Keith How-To Locomotives
Jan/Feb 2005 50-51 Western Pacific Work Train Blackman, Flash Fleet MOW
Jan/Feb 2005 52-53 Add a Camera to a ConCor BiLevel Coach Chudoba, Vic How-To Passenger
Jan/Feb 2005 54-57 New Haven ex-Troop Sleeper Head end Equipment Bussey, Bryan How-To Passenger
Jan/Feb 2005 62 What Would I Want To Know if I was Starting the Hobby Now… Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2005 18-25 Pliny Holt's Southern Pacific Railroad Holt, Pliny Layout Great Bernie Kempinski Photos!
Mar/Apr 2005 26-29 Legalize Your Atlas Woodside Reefers Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Mar/Apr 2005 30-31 Cabeese of the Boise Subdivision Hammes, Major Tony Fleet Freight
Mar/Apr 2005 32-33 Great Shots Ross, Dudley    
Mar/Apr 2005 34-41 Mud Bay & Southern Part 2 Younkins, Jim Layout  
Mar/Apr 2005 42-43 Naction: Southern Pacific Coast Division Burns, Charlie    
Mar/Apr 2005 44-48 Modeling Pacific Coast Railway's #107 Knapp, Tom How-To Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2005 49 Classic "T" Shank Coupling Reddie, Kirk How-To Freight
Mar/Apr 2005 50-51 Norfolk Southern "Top Gon" Coal Cars Thomason, Richard C. How-To Freight
Mar/Apr 2005 52-53 Rock Island Locomotive Sampler Ameca, Raul Fleet Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2005 54-57 Passenger Car Standards Denton, Bill How-To Passenger
Mar/Apr 2005 62 A Sense of Accomplishment Kaufman, Russ Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2005 18-22 Quick Talus Eastman, Grant How-To Scenery
May/Jun 2005 23 Closed Circuit TN Monitors Hidden Trackage Johns, Ron How-To  
May/Jun 2005 24-31 Grand Road, Mountain Action Brennecke, Paul Layout Classic Big Layout in a small room
May/Jun 2005 32-33 Great Shots Jones, Rod    
May/Jun 2005 34-39 UP's Rocky Mountain SubDivision Leaders, John Layout  
May/Jun 2005 40-43 10 Easy Steps to Simple Trees Cassar, Paul How-To Scenery
May/Jun 2005 44-45 Northwest Shovel Flatcar Load Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
May/Jun 2005 46-47 Electrical Tune Up for Locomotives Machiaverna, Paul How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2005 48-50 Fabricating Turnout Pads Lyons, Keith How-To Right of Way
May/Jun 2005 51-53 Numberboards for Dummies Blackman, Flash How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2005 54-57 Open Loads of Fun Niner, Verne How-To Freight
May/Jun 2005 62 Competition: Competition and Co-operation Vlk, Charlie Commentary  
Wanted Jul/Aug 2005 18-27 How Accurate is your Freight Fleet? Morgan, Brian & Sutton, Wayne Operations Freight
28-37 The D&S Division of the BNSF R ailway Mueller, Denis Layout  
38-39 Great Shots: Horse Creek & Pac ific Reiten, Rob Layout  
40-45 Pipestone Pass Sisk, Marc Layout NTrak Modules
46-48 Modifying a Kato Single Truss Br idge Straw, Russell How-To Right of way
49 Observations on Prototype Modeling Hollwedel, George Commentary Freight
50-51 Creative Layout Extension Ernest, Rick How-To Layout
52-54 Virginian "Battleship" Gondolas Thomason, Richard C. How-To Freight
55-57 New Haven NE6 Cabooses Bussey, Bryan How-To Freight
62 If I started over again, would I concentrate on helping others build their layouts? Williams, Kent Commentary  
Wanted Sep/Oct 2005 20-25 The Cascade Joint Line Berling, Jim Layout  
Sep/Oct 2005 26--31 Weathering Rio Grande Tunnel Motors Danneman, Mike How-To Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2005 32-34 Great Scenes Lyons, Keith Layout  
Sep/Oct 2005 35 Handbrushing Polly Scale Reddie, Kirk How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2005 36-40 Fairbanks Morse "Universal" Cind er Conveyor Brooks, Phil How-To Structures
Sep/Oct 2005 41-43 Modern Eastern Locomotives Bulman, Jeff Fleet Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2005 44-47 Modeling 50' TOFC Flats and Trailers Morgan, Brian and Sutton, Wayne How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2005 48-51 Swan Song for SAR Dash-9s Eastman, Grant Layout  
Sep/Oct 2005 52-53 Flatcar Load: FM Fans Niner, Verne How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2005 54-57 Fooling the Eye on the Royal Gorge Carey, Rob How-To Scenery
Sep/Oct 2005 62 Five Years Later Edgar, Bill Commentary  
Wanted Nov/Dec 2005 20-29 Joe Dunn's Norfolk Southern Dunn, Joe Layout  
Nov/Dec 2005 30-31 RFID Overview Delany, Dan How-To Operation
Nov/Dec 2005 32-33 Great Scenes Burns, Charlie Layout  
Nov/Dec 2005 34-38 GN Boxcar Schemes Komosinski, Mike Fleet Freight
Nov/Dec 2005 39-41 Pis Aller Plywood Uhlenkott, RD How-To Structures
Nov/Dec 2005 42-45 The French Broad Place, Chuck Layout NTrak Modules
Nov/Dec 2005 46-48 Locomotives for the Boise Divisi on Hammes, Major Tony Fleet Locomotives
Nov/Dec 2005 49-51 GATX New Image Airslides Bussey, Bryan How-To Freight
Nov/Dec 2005 52-54 Hauling Steel on the PRR Nelson, Douglas How-To Freight
Nov/Dec 2005 62 So… What Do You Hear? Riley, George Commentary  
Wanted Jan/Feb 2006 20-28 Rio Grande's Bear Mountain Division Schuchmann, Walt Layout  
Jan/Feb 2006 29-31 Easy Trees from Nandina Shrubs Burkholder, Larry How-To Scenery
Jan/Feb 2006 32-33 Great Scenes: Pioneer Zephyr Yourstone, Rich Layout Passenger
Jan/Feb 2006 34-39 Helicon Focus Yourstone, Rich How-To Photography. This is a pioneering article.
Jan/Feb 2006 40-46 Modeling a CP 40' Steel Boxcar Fleet Morgan, Brian How-To Freight
Jan/Feb 2006 47-49 Central of Georgia Woodchip Hopper Thomason, Richard C. How-To Freight
Jan/Feb 2006 50-51 Flange Test Reddie, Kirk Test Freight
Jan/Feb 2006 52-55 NYC Jet Car Runyan, Mark How-To Passenger
Jan/Feb 2006 62 Eyes… and Mind Wide Shut Denton, Bill Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2006 18-31 Norfolk Southern's Pocahontas Division Teague, Scott Layout  
Mar/Apr 2006 32-33 Great Scenes: Kato Super Chief Niner, Verne   Passenger
Mar/Apr 2006 34-41 Running Cattle and other Beasts Lewis, Dan   Operations
Mar/Apr 2006 42-45 Kitbashing a Kato FP7 Denton, Bill How-To Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2006 46-48 Santa Fe Shock Control Cars Komosinski, Mike Fleet Freight
Mar/Apr 2006 49-51 Mopac Locomotives Cassar, Paul Fleet Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2006 52-53 Let's Build A Commissary/ Walthers Modular Building kits Reddie, Kirk How-To Structures
Mar/Apr 2006 62 There's Always Room For you Kim, Peter Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2006          
May/Jun 2006 20-31 Great Northern Spokane Division Coil, Marty Layout  
May/Jun 2006 34-37 Railfanning Mack's Gap and Big Creek Brooks, Phil Layout  
May/Jun 2006 38-40 BN B30-7A Locos Hammes, Tony How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2006 41 Plastic Grab Iron Detail Blackman, Flash How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2006 42-43 Build a Concrete Loading Dock Niner, Verne How-To Structures
May/Jun 2006 44 Modeling Boxcar Overspray Rothlisberger, Cory How-To Freight
May/Jun 2006 45-46 Kitbash a Southern Railway Caboose Thomason, Richard How-To Non Revenue
May/Jun 2006 48-50 Moving X29 Bolsters Reddie, Kirk How-To Freight
May/Jun 2006 51-53 Upgrading a Pennsylvania Roomette Bussey, Bryan How-To Passenger
May/Jun 2006 54-55 Worchester Union Station Chudoba, Vic Layout  
May/Jun 2006 62 Chaos and Creation in the Rail Y ard Edgar, Bill Commentary  
Wanted Jul/Aug 2006 18-25 Rochelle, IL Kruse, Daryl Layout  
Jul/Aug 2006 26-39 The Crandic Railway Lana, Pat Layout  
Jul/Aug 2006 40-45 Bridging Mack's Gap Brooks, Phil How-To Structures
Jul/Aug 2006 46-51 Build a High Nose GP20 Pagano, Mike How-To Locomotives
Jul/Aug 2006 52-57 Walthers 130' Turntable & Roun dhouse Lyons, Keith How-To Structures
Jul/Aug 2006 62 It's a Small, Small World Lana, Pat Commentary  
Wanted Sep/Oct 2006 18-21 Pennsylvania Railfan Photography Nelson, Douglas Layout  
Sep/Oct 2006 22-31 C&O Appalalachian Division Ross, Dudley Layout  
Sep/Oct 2006 32-33 EMD SDL39 Edgar, Bill Drawing Prototype
Sep/Oct 2006 34-37 Modeling the SDL39 Denton, Bill How To Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2006 38-43 Recycling a Layout Valder, Mitch Layout  
Sep/Oct 2006 44-47 Lighting & Valances Schultz, Edmund How-To Layout
Sep/Oct 2006 48-49 Trials of Installing a Signaling S ystem Klein, Phil Summary  
Sep/Oct 2006 50 CSX MP15DC #1143 Broughton, Chris How To Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2006 51 Soo Loco Sampler Hammes, Tony Fleet Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2006 52-55 Kitbashing BCR cabooses Thomason, Richard C. How To Non Revenue
Sep/Oct 2006 62 Hobby Innovations Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Nov/Dec 2006 20-25 Milwaukee Road's Renslow Trestle Lussier, Greg Layout  
Nov/Dec 2006 26-37 The Sceniced and Undecided Spano, Rick Layout  
Nov/Dec 2006 38-43 Modeling a Marsh Carey, Rob How-To Scenery
Nov/Dec 2006 44-45 Milwaukee Road RSC-2 Edgar, Robert and Bill How-To Locomotives
Nov/Dec 2006 46-47 Kitbash C&O and TAG Coal Hopp ers Thomason, Richard C. How-To Freight
Nov/Dec 2006 48-51 Realistic Model Photography Mann, Thomas How-To Photography
Nov/Dec 2006 52-53 Building Switch Locks Denton, Bill How-To Layout
Nov/Dec 2006 54-55 2006 NSC Contest Winners Lyons, Keith Contest  
Nov/Dec 2006 62 Big and Small of Railroad Photography Danneman, Mike Commentary  
Yes Jan/Feb 2007 20-25 A Real Transcontinental Model Railroad Hayden, Bob Layout  
Jan/Feb 2007 26-37 Let It Snow Danneman, Mike How-To Scenery
Jan/Feb 2007 38-43 Howard A. Bliss Co. Lewis, Dan How-To Structures
Jan/Feb 2007 44-45 Conrail Motive Power Sampler Bussey, Bryan Fleet Locomotives
Jan/Feb 2007 46-47 Custom Grain Hoppers Cassar, Paul How-To Freight
Jan/Feb 2007 48-51 BN MOW Fleet Hammes, Tony Fleet  
Jan/Feb 2007 52 Installing MT TIC on Athearn 50' Refrigerator Cars Hollwedel, George How-To Freight
Jan/Feb 2007 62 Trainfest 2006 Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2007 20-34 NY, S, & A Pittsburgh Division Treaster, Todd Layout  
Mar/Apr 2007 30-35 Freelanced Yard Tower Brooks, Phil How-To Structures
Mar/Apr 2007 36-41 Modeling Eagle Gorge Lyons, Keith How-To Scenery
Mar/Apr 2007 42-43 Weathering an ARTS SD40-2 Mann, Tom How-To Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2007 44-45 BN Fuel Tender Hammes, Tony How-To Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2007 46-49 George Southwestern Roster Thomason, Richard C. Fleet Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2007 50-51 Mt. Rushmore on a Module Stein, Stephen Layout  
Mar/Apr 2007 52-53 More Rolling Stock Blackman, Flash Fleet  
Mar/Apr 2007 62 Modeling in 1:1 & 1:160 Kaminski, Ed Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2007 20-27 Santa Fe Southern Division Warren, Rod Layout  
May/Jun 2007 28-31 BN GP39-2 Phase III Hammes, Tony How-To Locomotives
May/Jun 2007 34-41 Susquehanna Valley & Gulf Sum mit Rly Steiner, Arnie Layout  
May/Jun 2007 42-47 Extra 3985 West Lane, Chris Fleet Freight
May/Jun 2007 48-51 Antelope Lewis, Dan How-To Scenery
May/Jun 2007 52-55 Fun with Unitrack Reddie, Kirk How-To Layout
May/Jun 2007 62 Before There Was NTrak Vlk, Charlie Commentary  
Wanted Jul/Aug 2007 20-25 Kitbashing a USRA 0-8-0 Downs, Paul How-To Locomotives
Jul/Aug 2007 26-31 Rio Grande Cabooses Sanders, Pat How-To Non Revenue
Jul/Aug 2007 32-39 Spokane International Railway Pagano, Mike Layout  
Jul/Aug 2007 40-43 Ballast Techniques & Tools Lyons, Keith How-To Scenery
Jul/Aug 2007 44 Modifying Kato's Rerailer McLain, Glen How-To Layout
Jul/Aug 2007 45-47 Anderson Powerpole Connectors Staples, Don How-To Electrical
Jul/Aug 2007 48-49 Cart Your Electronics Lowe, Al How-To Electrical
Jul/Aug 2007 50-53 Santa Fe's 1954 El Capitan Komosinski, Mike Fleet Passenger
Jul/Aug 2007 62 Railroad Operation Design Pagano, Mike Commentary  
Wanted Sep/Oct 2007 20-25 SI Project II: Bench work Pagano, Mike How-To Layout
Sep/Oct 2007 26-31 Modeling High Plains Rim rock Lewis, Dan How-To Scenery
Sep/Oct 2007 32-33 Boylston, WA (Milwaukee Road) Lussier, Greg Diorama  
Sep/Oct 2007 34-41 Locomotives of the CV&GN Edgar, Bill Fleet Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2007 42-45 Modernized Heavyweights Downs, Paul How-To Passenger
Sep/Oct 2007 46-48 L&Ns Pan American Downs, Paul Fleet Passenger
Sep/Oct 2007 49-51 Re-Gauging the Goose Stevens, Roy How-To Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2007 52-53 Cushioned Underframes Bussey, Bryan How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2007 54-55 Close Couple Red Caboose Autoracks Eastman, Grant How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2007 56 Unitrack Compatible Plugs King, Karl How-To Layout
Sep/Oct 2007 62 Where are we Going? Danneman, Mike Commentary  
Wanted Nov/Dec 2007 20-25 SI Project III: Roadbed & Track Pagano, Mike How-To Layout
Nov/Dec 2007 26-30 Modeling the Dakota 400 Denton, Bill How-To Passenger
Nov/Dec 2007 31-39 Big Steel on a Module Stein, Stephen Layout  
Nov/Dec 2007 40-43 GATX SD38-2 Hammers, Tony How-To Locomotives
Nov/Dec 2007 44-45 Chopped Nose MP GP7 Cassar, Paul How-To Locomotives
Nov/Dec 2007 46-47 Modeling a 40' SAL Roof hatch boxcar Thomason, Richard How-To Freight
Nov/Dec 2007 48-49 Lowering MT Autoracks Bussey, Bryan How-To Freight
Nov/Dec 2007 50-51 Building NP "A" & "B" Depots Warren, Rod How-To Structures
Nov/Dec 2007 52-57 2007 N Scale convention Contest & New Products Bussey, Bryan Contest  
Nov/Dec 2007 62 Denver Zephyr Stand-in Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Jan/Feb 2008 20-31 Milwaukee Road in Louisville Kuchler, Bob Layout  
Jan/Feb 2008 32-33 UNW Club Scene w/ Challenger   Layout  
Jan/Feb 2008 34-41 SI IV: Scratchbuilding the Trest le Petrzelka, Paul How-To Bridges
Jan/Feb 2008 42-45 Modeling CN SD40 "Mudhens" Edgar, Bill How-To Locomotives
Jan/Feb 2008 46-48 A Dozen VIA F40s Thomason, Richard Fleet Locomotives
Jan/Feb 2008 49-52 CNW's used G31 Gondolas Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Jan/Feb 2008 53-56 1954 Santa Fe Chief Komosinski, Mike Fleet Passenger
Jan/Feb 2008 57 BN Business Cars Hammes, Tony Fleet Passenger
Jan/Feb 2008 62 Go Boldly/ Modeling by Satellite Bussey, Bryan Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2008 20-21   Cassar, Paul How-To Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2008 22-31 Bridging the Clinch River Brooks, Phil How-To Scenery
Mar/Apr 2008 32-33 C&O Mountain Division Scene Kempinski, Bernard Layout  
Mar/Apr 2008 34-42 SI V: Painting the Backdrop Danneman, Mike How-To Scenery
Mar/Apr 2008 43-45 ASAB Woodchip Gondola Thomason, Richard How-To Freight
Mar/Apr 2008 46-51 A More N Gauging Garden Railway Gugel, Stephen How-To Scenery
Mar/Apr 2008 52-53 Santa Fe Open Door Refrigerator Kohlmann, Keith How-To Layout
Mar/Apr 2008 54-56 Modeling the Wilson McCarthy Gibbs, Andy How-To Passenger
Mar/Apr 2008 57 Scratchbuild a Track Bumper Linke, Marvin How-To Layout
Mar/Apr 2008 62 Brown 40' SD XMs Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2008 20-31 The Mount Rainier N Scale Club Reddie, Kirk Layout  
May/Jun 2008 32-33 CNW E4 #4004 Denton, Bill Layout  
May/Jun 2008 34-43 C&O oNeTrak Mountain Sub divi sion Kempinski,n Bernard Layout  
May/Jun 2008 44-51 SI VI: Wiring and Controls Pagano, Mike How-To DCC
May/Jun 2008 52-56 Fabulous 40-Footers Kohlmann, Keith Fleet  
May/Jun 2008 57 Stainless Steel Made Easy Cox, Marlin How-To Passenger
May/Jun 2008 62 Model Railroading in Retirement Morgan, Brian Commentary  
  Jul/Aug 2008 20-26 SI VII: Landscape Skinner, Al How-To Scenery
Jul/Aug 2008 27-31 Long Range Dispatching/ FREMO Hamberg/Lundsten/Prader   Module
Jul/Aug 2008 32-39 Photographing the C&O Mtn SubDiv Kempinski, Bernard How-To Photography
Jul/Aug 2008 40-47 More Fab Frt Cars from the 50s Kohlmann, Keith Fleet Freight
Jul/Aug 2008 48-50 Pulpwood Loads Edgar, Bill How-To Freight
Jul/Aug 2008 51 Quick Hopper and Gondola Loads Thomason, Richard How-To Freight
Jul/Aug 2008 52-53 An Uncoupling Tool for Pennies Brooks, Phil How-To Operation
Jul/Aug 2008 54-57 Build and Alaska Ultra Dome Thomason, Richard How-To Passenger
Jul/Aug 2008 62 Model Railroad Research Vlk, Charlie Commentary  
Wanted Sep/Oct 2008 20-29 Scratchbuild a BN Snow Dozer Hammes, Tony How-To Non Revenue
Sep/Oct 2008 30-39 Shootin' Down the Line (w/ Mirror) Lewis, Dan How-To Photography
Sep/Oct 2008 40-45 SI VIII: Adding Scenery Pagano, Mike How-To Scenery
Sep/Oct 2008 46-49 Mars Lights for Kato GS4 Hardy, Robert How-To Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2008 50-51 Grade Crossing, Quick'n'Cheap Lowe, Al How-To Scenery
Sep/Oct 2008 52-53 Building a CNW 53'6" Flat Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
Sep/Oct 2008 54-57 Kitbash a CA11 Caboose Thomason, Richard How-To Non Revenue
Wanted Nov/Dec 2008 20-29 Modeling an SP De-skirted GS-4 Diepenbrock, Robert How-to Locomotives
Nov/Dec 2008 30-43 30 Years of the Clinchfield Railroad Fugate, David Layout  
Nov/Dec 2008 44-47 Detailing Micro-Trains Flatcaqrs Lenander, Buzz How-to Freight
Nov/Dec 2008 48-54 Universal Future-proof Wiring Saign, Kim How-to Electrical
Nov/Dec 2008 55 Lowering MT's 40' Hi-Cube Bussey, Bryan How-to Freight
Nov/Dec 2008 56-57 Kitbash an SP 3/4 Dome Car Thomason, Richard How-to Passenger
Nov/Dec 2008 62 Model Railroading in Retirement Morgan, Brian Commentary  
Yes Jan/Feb 2009 22-23 Installing a decoder in an F45 Saign, Kim How-to Locomotives, Electronic
Jan/Feb 2009 24-27 Toggle Actuated Turnout Rig Brooks, Phil How-to Track
Jan/Feb 2009 28-39 Railfanning the Cumberland Valley System Denton, Bill Layout  
Jan/Feb 2009 40-51 Bill Kent's Unitrack Heaven Reddie, Kirk Layout  
Jan/Feb 2009 52-57 A Very Quick'N'Simple Layout Reddie, Kirk How-to Scenery
Jan/Feb 2009 62 Welcome to NSR and1:160 Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Yes Mar/Apr 2009 20-33 Modeling the Flatirons Danneman, Mike How-to Scenery
Mar/Apr 2009 34-39 Paul Sturtz' Traveling Nn3 layout Hayden, Robert Layout  
Mar/Apr 2009 40-43 SI IX: Decoders for the Atlas RS1 MacKinnon, Dave How-to Electronics
Mar/Apr 2009 44-49 Build an N Scale Apple Orchard Kempinski, Danica How-to Scenery
Mar/Apr 2009 50-51 BN Scrap Gondolas Hammes, Tony How-to Rolling Stock
Mar/Apr 2009 52-56 Georgia Short Line N Locos Thomason, Richard Fleet Locomotives
Mar/Apr 2009 57 More Than Meets the Eye Edgar, Bill Prototype Rolling Stock
Mar/Apr 2009 62 Stand-ins Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
YesYes May/Jun 2009 18-23 Detailing Kato SP Daylight PAs Diepenbrock, Robert How-to Locomotives
May/Jun 2009 24-35 Modeling Rio Grande'sTennessee Pass Carey, Rob Layout  
May/Jun 2009 36-41 Modeling Autumn Aspens Carey, Rob How-to Scenery
May/Jun 2009 42-45 Improving Anderson Power Pole Connectors New Mexico Rail Runners How-to Electronics
May/Jun 2009 46-50 SI X: Town Planning Kleeman, Karl How-to Structures
May/Jun 2009 51-53 Economical Loads for Open Autoracks Hammes, Tony How-to Rolling Stock
May/Jun 2009 54-55 Kitbash a GB&W Ballast Hopper Thomason, Richard How-to Rolling Stock
May/Jun 2009 56-57 Homemade Lumber Loads Hammes, Tony How-to Rolling Stock
May/Jun 2009 62 Thoughts on Economics: N Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Yes July/Aug 2009 22-31 BNSF Railway's Coast Division Beckett, Roger Layout  
July/Aug 2009 32-33 Great Scenes: Jim Berling's BNSF SW Reddie, Kirk Layout  
July/Aug 2009 34-37 Build a Track Scale and Scale House Lenander, Buzz How_to Structures
July/Aug 2009 38-41 SI XI: Building a Rural Neighborhood Pagano, MIke How-to Structures
July/Aug 2009 42-45 Frisco GP15-1: Fugitive from the Paint Shop Hammes, Tony How-to Locomotives
July/Aug 2009 46-49 Building a Modern Mainline: Concrete Ties Leaders, John How-to Track, Scenery
July/Aug 2009 50-57 Modeling SP Steam Era Bay Window Cabooses Diepenbrock, Robert How-to Rolling Stock
July/Aug 2009 62 It Should Work... Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Yes Sep/Oct 2009 22-27 Maintaining the Diesel Fleet Beckett, Roger How-to Locomotives
Sep/Oct 2009 28-37 MiNi Modutrak Skibbe, Mike Layout  
Sep/Oct 2009 38-47 CB&Q and GN Railways in Missouri Hoover, Gary Layout  
Sep/Oct 2009 48-52 SI XII: Modeling Station Structures Pagano, Mike How-to Structures
Sep/Oct 2009 3-55 Fleetbashing C&NW Hopper Cars Kohlmann, Keith How-to Rolling Stock
Sep/Oct 2009 56-57 2009 N Scale Convention Modeling Contest Christy, Michael Contest  
Sep/Oct 2009 62 Internet Model Railroading Skibbe, Mike Commentary  
Yes Nov/Dec 2009 22 Modeling Sullivan's Curve Diepenbrock, Robert How-to Scenery
Nov/Dec 2009 34 A Georgia Railroad Sampler Thomason, Richard Fleet  
Nov/Dec 2009 42 Modeling Paper Doors Kohlmann, Keith How-to Rolling Stock
Nov/Dec 2009 44 Kitbashing with a Milling Machine Bussey, Bryan How-to Rolling Stock
Nov/Dec 2009 47 Fabricating Transitional Rail Joiners Starr, Ian How-to Track
Nov/Dec 2009 48 Wabash 50' Gondola with baled scrap load Kohlmann, Keith How-to Rolling Sto+ck
Nov/Dec 2009 50 Modeling Caouflaged side switches Gitllet,t, Steve How-to Track
Nov/Dec 2009 52 Adding Weight to MTL's 33' 2-bay hoppers Kohlmann, Keith How-to Rolling Stock
Nov/Dec 2009 54 Modeling Stained Glass on a Budget Carey. Janet How-to Structuers
Nov/Dec 2009 56 Meet ExactRail Reddie, Kirk Interview  
Nov/Dec 2009 62 40 Years & Still Learning Irwin, George Commentary  
Wanted Jan/Feb 2010 22 Tom Harris' Cajon Pass Harris, Tom and Diepenbrock, Robert Layout  
Jan/Feb 2010 32 Great Scenes: NP's Marent Trestle Reddie, Krk Layout  
Jan/Feb 2010 36 SI XIII: Building Sandpoint Skinner, Al How-to Structures
Jan/Feb 2010 43 Kitbashing a BN SDP40 Hammes, Tony How-to Rolling Stock
Jan/Feb 2010 48 Buiuld a Monon Head End Caboose Thomason, Richard How-to Rolling Stock
Jan/Feb 2010 51 Advantages of Mobile Starage Devices Reddie, Kirk Storage  
Jan/Feb 2010 52 Vekcro "One Wrap" Leaders, John How-to Trac
Jan/Feb 2010 53 Mini Camera Tripod Oygkuese, Vince How-to Photography
Jan/Feb 2010 54 Meet Blair Line LLC Reddie, Kirk Interview  
Jan/Feb 2010 62 Enjoy and Participate in N Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Aor 2010 22 Union Pacific's Overland Route Smith, Jason Layout  
Mar/Aor 2010 36 Building Central Valley's 150' Oratt Truss Bridge McCarthy, John How-to Structures
Mar/Aor 2010 44 Preparing Your Basement for a Layout Postpischil, Alex How-to Layout
Mar/Aor 2010 50 Weathering Coal Cars: A Beginner's Experience Leaders, John How-to Rolling Stock
Mar/Aor 2010 56 Wyoming Snow Fence Leaders, John How-to Structures
Mar/Aor 2010 62 The Model Railroad Journey Postpischil, Alex Commentary  
Wanted May/Jun 2010 20 Santa Fe-- All the Way Bliss, Gordon Layout  
May/Jun 2010 34 The Illusion of Distance Lewis, Dan Scenery  
May/Jun 2010 42 Kitbash a C&O SD18 Thomason, Casey & Richard How-to Rolling Stock
May/Jun 2010 48 Kitbashing a Milwaukee Road MP15AC Lohr, Steve How-to Rolling Stock
May/Jun 2010 56 MTL couplers for Bachmann's new DD40AX New Mexico Rail Runners How-to Rolling Stock
May/Jun 2010 58 Is There A Modern Minton Cronkhite? Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Jul/Aug 2010 20 Shadow Weathering Kohlmann, Keith How-to Rolling Stock
22 The Burlington High Line Johnson, Ross Layout  
34 Rolling Toward Zero Derailrments Morgan, Brian Analysis Rolling Stock
42 The Rowe Ranch & Western Vargasm Armando & Dan Layout  
50 Ballast a Switch without Glue Lenander, Buzz How-to Track
52 Relay (Prototype Recycling) Reddie, Kirk How-to Track
55 Kitbash a Company Service Tank Car Thomason, Richard How-to Rolling Stock
62 Why Join A Club? Dietz, Jack Commentary d
Wanted Sep/Oct 2010 18 Modeling SP's Daylight Diner Diepenbrach, Robert How-to Rolling Stock
32 C&S Nightcrawler Danneman, Mike Fleet  
36 Evolution of a Layout vs. Inelligent Design Runyan, Mark Layout  
42 Easy Steel Trestles Over Quick Vertical Scenery Reddie, Kirk How-to Scenery
52 Build a Display Case for your Trains Treaster, Todd How-to Rolling Stock
56 Modeling a Milwaukee GS Gondola Kohlmann, Keith How-to Rolling Stock
62 Looking Back, and Ahead Reddie, Kirk Commentary  
Wanted Nov/Dec 2010 18 Modeling the Thompson River Canyon Warren, Rod Layout  
26 Modeling SP&S 700 Maginess, Max How-to Rolling Stock
36 Creating Stealth Modular Joints Denton, Bill How-to Scenery
42 SP Daylight Coffee Shop Diepenbrach, Robert How-to Rolling Stock
50 Modeling an MKT Inspection Car Thomason, Richard How-to Rolling Stock
54 Modeling a House Under Construction Kohlmann, Keith How-to Structures
56 Modeling a Georgia Railroad Caboose Thomason, Richard How-to Rolling Stock
62 Prototype Scenes Denton, Bill Commentary  
Wanted Jan/Feb 2011 18 Easy Slide Switch Turnout Control Lohr, Steve How-To Track
20 A Visit fo Micro-Trains Diepenbrach, Robert Tour  
26 Hauling Black Diamonds on BNSF's Orin Line Leaders, John Layout  
36 The North Shore International Railway Edgar, Bill Layout  
44 H0 kits for N scale projects Warren, Rod How-to Structures
50 Kitbashing a CP Auto Rack Hammes, LTC Tony How-to Rolling Stock
55 Detailing Micro-Trains Pullman Interiors Diepenbrach, Robert How-to Rolling Stock
62 A New Effort to Help Move N Forward Bussinger, Rich Commentary  
Wanted Mar/Apr 2011 18 N Scale (Indoor) Garden Railroad Reddie, Kirk Layout  
20 Mark Lestico's UP Cascade Subdivion Diepenbrach, Robert Layout  
34 Modeling Erie-Lackawanna Round Roof Baggage Cars Lupia, Scott How-to Rolling Stock
40 Build a Multi-Purpose MOW Machjine Thomason, Richard How-to Rolling Stock
45 Staging Yard Makeover Denton, Bill How-to Layoyt
50 Kitbashing a Thrall BN Auro Rack Hammes, LTC Tony How-to Rolling Stock
54 Instlal ae Operating "Frog Eye" Light on Athearn SP Cabooses Blackman, Flash How-to Rolling Stock
62 Don't Wait Dietz, Jack Commentary  
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