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EAF 125 Change At Templecombe
EAF 125 Change At Templecombe

Lineside recordings made on the Somerset & Dorset line, in the summer of 1956, at Templecombe; Evercreech Junction; Windsor Hill Tunnel and near Masbury summit.

With acknowledgements and thanks to the Southern Region of British Railways for facilities and assistance.

Side One

At Templecombe station on a Saturday in July 1956.

A Waterloo - Exeter express, headed by a 'West County' class 'Pacific', arrives at platform 1 ; on the opposite side of the station a '3.F.' class 0-6-0 arrives at platform 3, the platform used by the Somerset and Dorset line trains, with a local train from Bath.

'Battle of Britain' class 'Pacific' No. 34069 Hawkinge leaves platform 2 with an up express from the West of England.

The striking of the Church clock is drowned by the whistle of '2.P.' class 4-4-0 No. 40563 which pulls away from platform 3 at the head of a train for Bournemouth ; 'Standard' class 5 4-6-0 No. 73047 is running tender first at the rear of the train, which moves slowly away found the curve and on down the 1 in 100 gradient of the short spur line, which connects the Somerset and Dorset which the Southern ; at the bottom of the gradient, near Templecombe Junction, the train will reverse, then, headed by No. 73047, will continue the journey to Bournemouth, passing under the Southern line soon after starting from Templecombe Junction.

Near Templecombe Junction, at the bottom of the spur, a Bournemouth - Nottingham express stands waiting: No. 73047 had brought the train from Bournemouth and '4.F.' class 0-6-0 No. 44557 has been attached to what was the rear of the train : as the signals clear the whistle of the '4.F.' is answered by that of No. 73047, now at the rear and to the background of hissing steam from engines standing outside the nearby sheds, the '4.F.' and 'Standard 5' start the train, climbing past on the 1 in 100 gradient and on round the sharp curve towards platform 3.

Side Two

At Evercreech Junction on a damp and windy morning in August 1956.

A Bournemouth - Sheffield express, headed by No. 73047 with '2.P.' class No. 40634 as pilot, leaves the station and climbs the 1 in 100 gradient, passing the North Signal Box before rounding the curve and heading into the wind to attack the long 1 in 50 climb towards Shepton Mallet and Bath.

'3.F.' class 0-6-0 No. 43201 leaves Evercreech Junction and heads past the North Signal Box with a train for the Highbridge branch.

'4.F.' class 0-6-0 No. 44557 leaves Evercreech Junction, heading a local train for Bath past the busy yard where shunting is in progress.

At Windsor Hill Tunnel on a windy Saturday morning in August 1956, '4.F.' Class No. 44523 pilots '7.F.' S & D 2-8-0 No. 53807 on the 1 in 50 climb from Shepton Mallet, through the cutting and into the tunnel mouth, with a Bournemouth - Derby Express.

On the 1 in 60 climb towards Masbury summit, '2.P.' class No. 40568 pilots 'Standard 5' No. 73050 with a Bradford - Bournemouth express, between Chilcompton and Binegar, on an August Saturday afternoon in 1956.

Recording directed by Peter Handford.