Alexander Seal


The Fat Controller

Hello, welcome to the world of Alexander Seal. On this site you can find out a bit about me some of my more publishable interests. Many of you will know about my obsession with the Railtrack brand and the site design pays homage to that.

If you want to know about me the best place to start is My Business. If you don't (which isn't surprising) but you like railways or model railways, check out the appropriately named Model Railways and Railways sections.

It's important that you realise this site isn't intended for you. This information is on the internet so I don't lose it. I'm constantly coming up with whimsical schemes and rejecting them only to return to them after I've destroyed the work I produced. Here, they can live on and the information my be of use to others.

Anyway... come back soon. I hope you enjoy what I've done so far!

Swiss Trip '07