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Straightening Rails



Lose Heal Switches

The prototype 3/8" joggle scales in a 0.0625mm

Re joggles: yes, the GWR certainly used them – I have several photos of Yeovil Town where they are obvious on the straight stock rails at least. I do think they help in 2FS – we try to file the end of the switchblade as finely as possible but they do allow some error if it ends up a fraction thicker than intended (which also adds to their strength and stiffness). Geoff’s simple jig with a 1mm (approx) slit in a piece of shim brass or Ni-silver is easy to make and gives an appropriate angle to the joggle from the trailing direction. But instead of the 0.010”/0.25 shim I prefer to use just 0.005”/0.125mm shim: it still gives enough recess for the switchblade but looks more prototypical – you can almost feel the joggle better than you can see it. As others have said positioning the joggle is no problem: it can be made very accurately to a pen mark on the rail: I aim for the wider end of the joggle to lie just beyond the first sleeper supporting the switch blade, which gives a gap of 0.0-0.5mm to the end of the switch rail. I use joggles like this on both rails but I’m not sure without looking again at the photos whether this is prototypical. Theoretically the set in a curved stock rail should do the same job as a joggle.



Stretcher Bars
Turnout Actuation
Buffer Stops

Fine Filler... insultation gaps

800 grit paper

20 thou aluminium

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