Alexander Seal

74.79 Sawyer's River

28-car siding. Junction with Sawyer River Railroad. Agent's station closed 1921.

The original Route 302 has been on the east side, in the 1950's the highway was relocated to the west side to eliminate two grade crossings. Not wanting a private crossing here, the MEC contracted Milton Graton of Ashland, and the building was moved across the tracks. Named for the tributary of the Saco River that ran from the southwest, Sawyer's River has been the junction with the Sawyer River Railroad, a 10.1 mile logging road that ran southwest up the Sawyer River. It operated from 1877 to 1927 and served the now abandoned logging town of Livermore. The original station on the Portland and Ogdenburg was named Livermore but was changed to Sawyer's River on September 3, 1888.


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