Alexander Seal


Swiss Trip 2007

Day 1

With our flight leaving from Bournemouth, a little drive down from Bristol was required. We planned for a relaxing journey but Alex the driver overslept, a frantic dash through rush hour traffic was required but we arrived safely at Bournemouth Airport with time to spare. After enjoying the plush ambiance of the army hut style departure lounge we board our Boeing 737 to depart slightly late on flight 844 bound for Genève-Aéroport. Roy and Alex enjoyed a chilled glass of white wine, demonstrating a degree of sophistication while Lawrence travelled 'economy class' above our heads.   Boarding Pass

Alex   Roy

First Class Upgrade  

We landed in Switzerland late, leaving us with little time to catch our best connection for Pontresina. A quick scoot through arrivals to the station and we found ourselves aboard IC 731 the 14:36 off Geneva to Zurich, albeit in first class! Alex and Roy were impressed with the cheap cost of an upgrade, Lawrence escaped the supplement by hiding in Alex's bag.

Our double decker locomotive hauled express boasted a restaurant, bistro and trolley service (ideal for cups of tea) as well as a childrens play area for Roy. First Great Western with 'cattle class' trains could learn a thing or two from the Swiss!


Alex & Lawrence study the RhB network  

A plus 9 connection and we were off again, bound for Chur. The highlight of this journey was entertaining a group of local girls with our noisy game of travel Yatzee (Roy won of course)!

Roy & Lawrence


A Chur we enjoyed a cross platform connection with the Rhätische Bahn, a superb metre gauge railway. We were whisked up into the mountains of Graubünden, enjoying our first glimpses of snow. Unfortunately this was in the dark due to our later flight time, missing out some amazing scenery including the Landwasser viaduct. At Samedan we joined the final train of the day, a short ride to our resting place - Pontresina.


Alex 'Harry Potter' Seal
All wrapped up for the walk to our hotel Alex 'Harry Potter' Seal trys to locate platform 9 3/4. Roy looks suave while trying his best to stand up straight with his entire wardrobe on his back! Time for some more alcohol and a good meal...

To be continued....