Alexander Seal

Universal Staging Yard

Train tables


Fiddle yard or staging,

Alresford (8'), Bodmin Road (12'), Churston (12'), Dainton Tunnel (6'), Maiden Newton (10'), Midford (10'), Saltash & The Royal Albert Bridge (10'), Tiverton Junction (14') and Torre (12').

Track Design

Minimum radius 600mm / 24 inches

Brass Strip Track

Loading Gauge


Defining Standards

Standard Prototype Model  
Typical equipment length 57 ft 117.4mm (1:148)  
Maximum equipment length 75 ft 6 in (Mk3 Carriage) 155.4mm (1:148)  
Typical curve multiplier      
Maximum curve multiplier      
Easement multiplier      
Maximum super elevation      
Turnout number, single      
Turnout number, crossover      
Turnout number, ladder      
Track centres, tangent      
Track centres, mimimum curve      
Maximum grade      
Vertical curve multiplier      
Minimum over/under track seperation      
Vertical Convex Curves (up-slope to horizontal) - 3' 3" / 1m As recommended by Geoff Jones in Track - How It Works And How To Model It
Vertical Concave Curves (down-slope to horizontal) - 1" 9" / 500cm As recommended by Geoff Jones in Track - How It Works And How To Model It

Track Seperation

The 'Kirmond' staging yard calls for three grade serperated crossings. As there's a good chance converted

(from top of train to underside of structure)

2mm Finescale 1:152 - 27mm
British N Scale 1:148 - 31mm
American N Classic Era - 32mm
Tomix Track Cleaning Car - 32mm
CMX Track Cleaning - 28mm


Spline Roadbed


- Power Districts

- Programming track


3" x 1.5" ALU 8' Sections at per St. Merryn. Layout length 16'?

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