Alexander Seal

Brass Strip Track

1/4 by 1/16 brass bar fiddle yard track

Denys Brownlee used 1/4 x 1/16 in nickel-silver

1/4" x 1/16" brass track

countersunk brass screws

Denys Brownlee


Dr. Peter Clarke

MetalCraft Master RBR

Rolling on edge.

The MetalCraft Master RBR features a windle handle attached a knurled 37mm long, 32mm diameter centre slide over which two 43mm diameter guide rings, small (11mm) and and large (17mm) are attached with an 8mm long M8 flat point grub screws. The roller slide and be used with our without the rings in different combinations to roll a variety of sizes of square and rolled bar. I was worried that the knurl would damage the inside edge of my rolled brass strip so replaced these guide rings with a single aluminum sleeve.

Turnouts - 2mm Assn. plain strip rail on sheets of 0.8mm PCB

Things to make: