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China Clay Wagons



Dia. Lot          
  2590   100 B743000-743099 1954 Swindon
  2697   100 B743100-743199 1955 Swindon
  2871   100 B743200-743299 1956 Swindon
  2974 v 100 B743300-743399 1957 Swindon
  3098 v 175 B743400-743574 1958 Swindon
  3195 v 100 B743575-743674 1959 Swindon
  3296 v 200 B743675-743874 1960 Swindon

Believe handbrake only vehicles converted to AHB during late 1950s


92601-93000 and 94000-94100.

Issue 62 of the British Railway Journal.

t CCT does indeed do transfers for the O13 on both his complete Parkside Dundas kit collection sheet S1 and Sheet BL102 for BR ex-GWR Diagram O13 which has enough transfers for 40 wagons.

Russell, J. H. (1981) Freight wagons and loads in service on the Great Western Railway and British Rail, Western Region. Oxford Publishing Co. Oxford, SBN 86093 155 2 For the GWR wagons, Fig 27/8 is of a wagon repainted by BR (it looks like October 1952) and, correctly for an open wagon at that time, has unpainted wood work with the steel work in grey. On the other hand fig 29 which it is difficult to date has the body painted grey, as does B743096. As mentioned the vacuum braked ones from B743300 would have been freight stock red (bauxite) from new. All the earlier 300 were listed for vacuum braking, and there is minimal (no?) evidence that this wasn't done. However, as can be seen from my collection, equipping them with roller bearings was very rare - I have a couple out of about 70+ photos and This short in length 16ft. 6in. over headstocks design was largely restricted to short haul and roller bearings were not necessary. So, grey and bauxite would have been seen together from 1957 when the VB wagons were introduced to the late 1950s or early 1960s when the earlier ones would have been converted to vacuum brake.