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For plate wagons:

2-376 is the unfitted underframe as used by the LMS (diagram 2083) and LNER (diagram 123): BR also built many of these under diagram number 1/430 and 1/431 - there being two diagrams as they were just builds of the LMS and LNER designs. One was 1/4" higher than the other to be pedantic.

2-377 is the fitted underframe with LNER style brakegear (as found on the LNER vans). The LNER built examples (diagram 196), and so did BR under diagram 1/432

2-378 is the fitted underframe with BR style brakegear (diagram 1/434).

For bogie bolsters:

2-376 is good for unfitted examples from the LMS (Dia 2105), LNER (dia 209) and BR (1/415 and 1/416) I am not sure whether the LNER ever built any fitted double bolsters, and BR never did. As it happens, the Peco body is pretty much spot on dimensionally for 2mm scale, but the underframe is as per usual pure fiction.

All the plates and bolsters had deep 12" solebars with stengthening supports, and this is replicated in the etched underframes.

Stephen Harris - LMS/BR 22T unfitted plate wagon LMS D2083 BR 1/430, 1/431 £6.50 LNER/LMS ‘W’irons and BR plate irons included. Axleboxes and springs not included.